Cheaper by the Rhymes

Updated on October 16, 2017

Cheaper by the Dozen


TOM and KATE BAKER in Midland, Indiana.
Had a total of 12 kids together.
They met in Illinois but wanted a large family.
So they ditched the city and moved to the country.
Tom was coaching football and Kate was writing.
Tom gets an offer to make more money.
An opportunity to coach his Alma Mater.
Offered the job by his old friend SHAKE MCGUIRE.
Tom accepts. They're moving back to the city.
but it didn't sit well with the family.
Tom and Kate thought it was best for them all.
But once settled in, the truth starts to fall.
Kate is finally getting recognized for her writing.
Her book is chosen for publication.
DIANE PHILLIPS calls shares the news.
but those publicists ask that she'd do.
She has to go to New York for a few weeks.
Tom says he can handle the fleet.
He hires his oldest child NORA.
They hope to manage the kids together.
But the plan doesn't work when the fleet.
Soaks his underwear in a pile of meat.
Nora's boyfriend hank puts them on.
The scent gets the attention of the Bakers dog.
After the dog chewed on his pants. They leave.
Tom lectures the kids and finds the main seed.
Meanwhile, Kate is prepared to leave.
The next day she does and the kids grieve.
It's obvious the kids are suffering.
In school, they are all struggling.
Struggling to fit in the city life.
Kate comes home and makes it Alright.


Piper Perabo/Nora
Tom Welling /Charlie
Hilary Duff/Lorraine
Kevin Schmidt/Henry
Alyson Stoner/Sarah
Jacob Smith/Jake
Forrest Landis/Mark
Liliana Mummy/Jessica
Megan Mummy/Kim
Blade Woodruff/Mike
Brent Kinsman/Kyle
Shane Kinsman/Nigel

Tom Baker
Steve Martin
Kate Baker
Bonnie Hunt
Richard Jenkins
Shake McGuire
Ashton Kutcher

Cheaper by the Dozen 2


Its two years after Tom resigned from his dream.
Many changing are happening.
Lorraine graduates and goes to New York to study.
Nora is pregnant and married to BUD MCNULTY.
Feeling the family is breaking apart.
They make a decision to all be apart.
To be apart of the last family vacation.
They all agree and look forward to having fun.
They arrive at Lake Winnetka.
Where tom sees JIMMY MURTAUGH.
He too has a family but only 8 kids.
They were rivals but they were old friends.
Jimmy owns Murtaugh Enterprises.
He's flaunting his wealth so Tom sees it.
Tom sees it and is jealous.
But like him, Jimmy too is envious.
The Baker kids get into many incidents.
A lot of them are on purpose.
Some of them are accidents.
Either way, Murtaugh blames it.
He blames it on Tom Baker.
He tells Tom that he needs to be firmer.
Tom is angered by hearing this.
They decide it is best they settle it.
They both agree to a competition.
Toms' nature is corrupting his vision.
His competitive nature is ruining the trip.
So he had to rethink the reason for this trip.
His kids were growing up.
Letting them go was tough.
But he was proud of the job that he did.
Not the perfect father but did a good job with his kids.


Piper Perabo/Nora
Tom Welling /Charlie
Hilary Duff/Lorraine
Kevin Schmidt/Henry
Alyson Stoner/Sarah
Jacob Smith/Jake
Forrest Landis/Mark
Liliana Mummy/Jessica
Megan Mummy/Kim
Blade Woodruff/Mike
Brent Kinsman/Kyle
Shane Kinsman/Nigel


Shawn Roberts/Calvin
Jaime King/Ann
Robbie Amell/Daniel
Melanie Tonello/Becky
Taylor Lautner/Eliot
Madison Fitzpatrick/Robin
Courtney Fitzpatrick/Lisa
Alex Conti/Kenneth

Steve Martin
Tom Baker
Bonnie Hunt
Kate Baker
Eugene Levy
Jimmy Murtaugh
Carmen Elecktra
Sarina Murtaugh

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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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