Chasing The Light-Chasing The Life

Updated on October 12, 2017
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Anju is a literature student who is trying to making her way out through her poems..

Chasing The Light-Chasing The Life.
Chasing The Light-Chasing The Life. | Source

The feast was a delight; it was a fine night

From the comer of my eye, I saw a knight.

At first I thought I must be seeing things,

But the prediction had called for a battle between kings.

They all seemed to be chasing a light,

l had never before seen a greater fight.

Swords were flung, heads were hung,

The song of unhealing was what they sung.

Widowed women; orphaned children; they're everywhere,

They are the ones at who the vultures stared.

But they were just a burden to the lords,

They were just resource-depleting hordes.

Then I followed them into the light,

I'd never been at such a great height.

As blood rushed through my veins,

I saw rivers gush through the plains.

I'd never seen a land so beautiful and bright,

But then I saw the people they were filled with fright.

Then is when it hit me; there was an ongoing war,

The people fought for what was theirs

All they wanted was for peace to be restored.

I closed my eyes in hope that it would all go away,

When I Opened them, I found myself where I stay.

But I knew the feeling was strong the world I lived in was just wrong,

I had to find that lost world and that was the day when I had sworn.

I travelled a lot, took trains and flights,

It is what I live for; chasing the light, Chasing the light.

© 2017 Anju Sharma


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      Kusum 6 months ago

      Brilliant one.