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Chasing Our Tails


Chasing Our Tails

It's all one big chase.

All of us, fools, running
around and around
flailing and grasping, convinced
that only our hands
can catch the smoke
of a ghost long gone.

That's why I'm certain,
so sure that these chases
must come full circle,
as the idiot chases the fool,
the fool follows the hopeless
and the hopeless, clueless,
tries to catch their idiot.

The chain falls apart
into chaos when one of us
manages to snare our catch,
and when they begin to fall backwards
into your arms, the cold spreads
into toes and through feet
and instead of being their to hold your promises,
you sneak away.

To you, the thrill is all in the chase.

Being a part of this fucked up merry-go-round that,
more often than not, throws out these fools
alone and lost, is what you live for.

As you slowly learn of the trouble you cause,
we'll count our bruises, dust ourselves down
and dive head first into the haystack,
searching for a needle we have never held
but only felt the sting of.


North Writers Group Hub's contain a variety of writing from partners Ryan & Sophie. The majority of work published is short poetry but will also include longer poems, vignettes, short stories and other works.

We want to make sure we're publishing content that you want to read so let us know on our poll what you're in to and we'll make sure we publish more of it. If you have any ideas for writing prompts, characters you'd like to see or any suggestions then please let us know in the comments.

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