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Served in the U.S. Army, attended and graduated from The University of Texas-Arlington with a bachelors in psychology and minor in sociology

Charon | by h.koppdelaney

Charon | by h.koppdelaney

Ferry master

Take my Danake and guide me from this place.

Leave no thoughts of me, not even a trace.

Where love was once relished and now is lost,

Where the sun used to shine, now freezes like frost.

The voices I held dear now fade away,

The vibrance of life is gone and now faded to grey.

Take me to a place where the old souls stay,

Someplace that’s dark and far away.

Let those who live continue their fight,

And for those of us lost, get drawn into the night.

Toil and row for I have paid my way,

To my final destination where I may finally lay.


© 2017 Augustine A Zavala

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