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Charity and Clarity

Clarity and charity were sitting on a chair,

Charity said to clarity,

Why is it that you stare?

Clarity replied, because you are aesthetic, (In other words, you are beautiful)

Therefore, aesthetic is you!

Did I make myself clear?

Charity said, what a nice thing to say,

However, before I caught your leer,

I too did stare,

You are very definite and so precise,

I actually had to stare at you twice,

I have a summation, It should be made known,

What charity is and how clarity can make it clear,

To be able to shift even the atmosphere,

The synchronization towards the repentant universe,

Unseen in the distance in time,

It really needs to be absolutely apparent,

After all that sin has done in and through mortality.

I hope in charity this poem can be heard,

Also, that clarity delivers each and every word.

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