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Chapter 138: The Time Came

M.D. Johnson is a poet, playwright, author, and blogger. She has a BA in English and a Masters of Management in Business.

Fleeting moments

Soon gone

Sword and blade

Ax and fist

Dirt and sweat

Hoof and grip

Endless days

Blood and pain

Ceaseless terrain of warriors

Upon Centaurion quarters

All to keep it in hand

And below hoof

Thirst for war

Adrenaline soars

Night grows near

Still no repose

For those who sleep

Will surely die

Can only be heard

The warriors’ cry

Can only be felt

The cut of flesh

Can only be smelt

The scent of death

Can only be seen

Centaurs in battle

With the taste of war careening

In the bosom of their souls

Echoing to their spirits

That Selah will win the war…

© 2018 MD Johnson

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