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How do you get back to life when you don't even feel alive

How do you keep on moving when you are so tired

How do you still smile when your heart is broken and mad

How do you still speak so kindly when your mind is in chaos

How do you still feel the sun, feel its warm light when you only see darkness

How do you still dream of the future when today feels so long and not right

How do you still look at these people around you when all you see is yourself, not alone but oh so lonely

How do you still throw your stupid jokes when the life you know is not funny anymore

How do you still eat when the taste is all bitter, not right

How do you still listen to music when all you want is to shut the sound off your mind

How do you still talk to yourself and say that everything will be okay when you don't even know how to do life

How do you still keep on walking ahead when you don't know what's there

How do you stay strong when your heart is beat

Chaos has been your peace for a while now

How do you see the light

You have this look in you- stubbornness and pride

You scare me

You amaze me

You have been here before

You fought

How do you do it

You don't even know

You are amazing

Your mind is in chaos but your heart is fine.

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