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Sonnets: Channeling the Light.. Wednesday's Inspiration, 22, to Misbah Sheikh

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom of the Master

"When I say Light, I am speaking about illumination. This illumination will first take place in the realm of the God-manifesting soul. Next it will take place in the aspiring heart, then in the searching mind, then in the dynamic vital and, finally, in the wakeful body..." - Excepts from a talk on Light by Sri Chinmoy

O Light, my Light!!


Enduring Light. A Free-style Sonnet

Once the Spring of the heart awakens,

Flowers emerge without any scars.

Heaven will kiss your soul with its beauty,

While Andromeda dances with twinkling stars.

Tulips are not content just to bloom;

Will sooner or later emanate blossoms.

Within the darkness, lustre reposes, the

Dawn’s glowing holiness, will glimmer like roses.

We make of life’s trials, a bed for our sorrows,

Lost and asleep on the penury of pain. Yet the

Rain-soaked earth, welcomes the mud, as it knows

That its scenery, will be verdant again.

O Lantern, pleasure will lead to the dreariest night,

Yet the moon will continue, to channel the Light.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 17th August, 2021.

Wisdom from the Master

"Light embraces humanity with all its imperfections and tries to illumine human ignorance so the human life can be elevated into the divine life."- Sri Chinmoy


Ambience in Beauty, A Regular Sonnet

Ambience in beauty -- a Lover’s kiss,

Sweet is the flavor of its character.

The awe of nature, a tenor for Peace,

The cadence of dawn, a joy forever.

The glow of the Heart is grandeur unseen,

Echoing in the eloquence of sounds.

Whispering to the soul of stars serene,

A twinkling paradise, where bliss abounds.

Rainbows and sunsets, belongs to the Bard,

His pen and canvas, great pearls of delight.

Like redolent roses; aromas of God;

Herons and butterflies, graceful in flight.

The aura of Love, a sight to behold,

With ambience-ecstasy-sparkling gold.

Lord Krishna and the Seeress Mirabhai

Meera (Mirabhai) was a devotee of unparalleled spirituality, among women Saints of India (Paraphrased from Sri Chinmoy's writings)

Meera (Mirabhai) was a devotee of unparalleled spirituality, among women Saints of India (Paraphrased from Sri Chinmoy's writings)

Ode to my Beloved One. A Regular 11-SyllableSonnet

Matchless are these diamonds of immortal time,

No clock can beat the cadences of Your chime.

Here insight, bliss; much depth of Light assured,

Alive the blissful portals, of Love’s abode.

An ever-effulgent rainbow is the sun,

Peeling of the layered structure of the dawn.

Which, like an unfolding flower’s tapestries,

Rise to delight in glorious majesties.

Your peerless rhythm each loving Heart imbibes,

Man, beast, firmament, flower or distant tribes.

Singing enchanting rhapsodies in the soul,

Each tiny vein, Your eternal breath unfolds.

Thy beat the rivers gush ‘midst the ocean’s red,

Flow not to deny, but sing Your praise instead.

The Seeress Mary, Mother of Jesus, The Christ


Come, Come! My Blue-Eyed Damsel From Above. A Regular Sonnet

Come, Come! My blue-eyed damsel of the pond,

Do spin for me another wondrous yarn.

For I would fain but take Thy dainty hand;

Joy dances upon this glorious dawn.

My breath I give, to heed Thy life’s desire,

This Heart awaits to hear Thy ballads tell.

Do charm my core and set this soul on fire,

Your songs a stirring lyre of Thy spell.

I hear the tadpoles sing; the ripples roar,

The starlit grandeur shimmers on Thy locks.

Merrily blue-birds acquiesced to soar;

To praise Thy glories, way above the rocks.

So come, my blue-eyed Damsel from Above,

Do kiss this flame, enwrap me in Thy Love.

Wisdom from the Master

"Although Light is the most needed spiritual quality of all, unfortunately it is the least wanted. Very often seekers invoke joy, peace or power, but very rarely do they aspire for Light. Instead of feeling that the divine Light will illumine them, they mistakenly identify with their own limitations and imperfections and feel that they are going to be exposed." - Excepts from Sri Chinmoy's talk on Light.


© 2021 manatita44

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