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Changing Colors

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Blondey has self published 3 books of poetry on Amazon. You can find her under her pen name Rosemary Amrhein.


Changing Colors

You change colors a lot

Sometimes you are happy

Sometimes you are sad and very depressed

Sometimes you are angry and passive agressive

You and I had a lot in common

We were close friends and shared similar childhoods in some ways

We joked and had much fun about goofy fun things and at times obnoxious things

But the important part was it made us laugh--

But, I've been growing more and more lately

I've been tossing out many of my old ways--

I've been meeting more and newer people

Who have been teaching me a healthier way to think

A healthier way to be and to live

I am grateful for this, I am grateful for growth

But I cannot take you with me

Because you either cannot or you refuse to grow...

I think maybe some people, I know of some others, cannot really grow

I am thankful for the FUN times we had

The friendship we had and the activities and things we shared

The laughs and the playing jokes and the long talks

But times have changed and now you just throw rocks my way

Whenever I see you, you seem to only want to insult me

You hate me being better

Maybe you don't understand the concept of people changing

But people do change

I know of a family member(s) that cannot seem to change

And it is something I have to accept

I will not hate you or anyone

I will do my best to pray for everyone as well as myself

I wish you the best

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