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Changing Before You Do


My mind used to be one big room
Whatever I felt, happy or sad
Remained close like twins in a womb
I'm changing my point of view

But now I’m full of duplicity
Time doesn't speak for my conscience
Neither does proximity
I'm changing into something new

But I’m ready to be closer to you
You once said I’m distracted
I can change a moment, yes it’s true
I'm changing, the years left are few

You wonder how that sun will set
Am I what really loves you
Or am I who I was before we met
I'm changing before you do

I was thinking hard about losing you
But my son made me smile
Grey skies are all that’s getting through
I'm changing the way I think of you

I was hoping for the past to light the air
That’s how old becomes new
I need to see that once young girl care
I'm changing, the way love asked me to

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