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Changed Story

I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives


An outcast has she

Become in the community

She was like a

Town deserted by all

It was not her

Fault, neither anyone’s that

She is being treated

Like that it was what happened

During her birth that

Necessitated what she was

Passing through from all

And sundry within the community

Immediately after she was

Begotten her parents gave

Up the ghosts in

Different circumstances that befuddle people

Her father on hearing

That his wife had

Put to bed was on his

Way home to community

To get some things

For his wife and

Announce to his people

Not excluding his wife’s

Of what had happened

In between maternity and

The town where he

Was going were trees planted

On the right and

Left side of the road

For erosion were those

Planted and some say

They were planted for

Security purposes, for guards

Of the town to hide

While protecting the community

Because during those days,

The community was usually

Attacked by enemies from

Neighboring towns and villages

He was not aware

That one of the branches

Had been affected by

The storm about to be cut off the trunk

As he got under

The tree, it was

Only the cracking sound

He heard and the branch fell on him

As this happened, he

Was on the ground

Rolling around writhe in

Severe pain. Someone got to the place

Had compassion on him

Moved near him as

He mumbled some words

To his ears and he gave up

The man did not

Hear him well, not

Knowing what to do

Decidedly walk back to nearby inn

On getting there he

Discovered the place was

A maternity and solicit for

Their help for the man

When some of the

People followed him to

The site, they were

Deeply saddened and sorry

For what they are

Seeing for the man

Was the father of

The neonate with them


Wife perceived something terrible

Has happened to her

Love, and started bleeding

All attempts to stop bleeding failed

She died before sunset

The parents and neighbors

Traced the couple to

Maternity and heard what happened

The person who wanted

To raise up the

Neonate also died mysteriously

Before day break in the town

These incidents made everyone

To abandon her, but

The nursing mother had compassion

On her and took care of her

The history of her

Spread wide and far

No one among her peers

Wishes to associate with her

Then came he from

Another land years after

And picked interest in her

Attempts to discourage him failed.

For he was ready

To give his life

For hers’ he was

Ready to do anything

To possess her, to

Make her his own,

To make her happy

Once and for the rest of her life

When nothing could be

Done to change his

Mind from what he

Has purported to do

He was left alone

To knock himself out.

The nursing mother of

Yesteryears who fostered her

Told her family of

The development but they

Would not want to

Be part of her, nay, not ever

She handed her over

To him after her

Family has told her

To do whatever she likes on the issue

That is how they

Started their life as one

As if the world

Was expecting them to come ‘gether

Epidemic broke out in

The land but she

And he arose to

The occasion and stopped it

People were surprised to

See that their union

Could bring salvation to

The community. And they were saying who are they?

As if that was

Not enough, they made

Some astounding discoveries in

The community which gives the community

An upper hand within

Other communities in the

Area. Then then know that

They were destined for each other

The story of the

Lady was changed and

People started seeking her

Favor, wanting to be part of her world.