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Change of Seasons

Colourful Butterfly


Changes Are Good

Seasons come and seasons go
The summer wind gives in to winter snow
White sheets of powdered landscape everywhere
Children play and share the fun
making snowmen
enjoying the cold season with no sun

We adults seem to moan and groan
but kids make the best of nature
even if they are chilled to the bone
Running down slopes and tobogganing with ease
The always make it look like a breeze.

So next time when I am tempted to say
Its so cold, not a sun ray
I will look at the day through child rimmed glasses
And be grateful for eyes to see and ears to hear
Also my family are here still to share their life
And that fact we should hold so dear.

Thankful when it rains and does not
Suddenly without warning the clouds disappear
And summer winds over the horizon appear
Lambs skipping and calves prancing
Another season
The maidens are a dancing.
Thank God for every day of the year.

Sunlight In The Early Morning


Seize the Moment

Summer and winter come around so quickly and before you know it, another year has passed by unnoticed

Summer Bulbs


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