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Change This Pattern

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Make Today Better Than We Expected

It is so easy to fall into old bad habits

Things that went wrong in the past

Begin to haunt us

We start thinking it will happen all over again

It can be a snowball effect

Once started it gets out of control

Emotionally we lose it

Stress begins to build

We could easily blow our top

We could change all that

With a few simple steps

When we get upset, angry, or mad

There can be many levels of discomfort slowly building

So let us try something different

Think of a scale from one to ten

One being the best feelings ever

Ten being the worst thoughts ever

When we are at one

We are having the time of our life

Laughing and loving everything we do

When we are at a two

It is a really good day all around

If it is a three we are liking most things

A four we have a good time with a few problems

If we have a five maybe it started out as a good day

Then suddenly it turned sour

A six is when we start to lose control

More things bother us than ever before

Seven the heat is on

One bad day leads to another

An eight is trouble brewing into something bigger

Nine is feeling really bad and no matter what we do

Nothing seems to work

Ten we are about to throw in the towel

We are thinking of quitting and can't remember another time as bad

So if we are to go from one to ten

How long would it take us?

For some people, it might be five minutes

What if we slow every step down

Think about each feeling as it happens

So when we reach a five it is time to reverse our thoughts

Find ways that make us feel better

Bring us back to a four

Then work hard to make it a three

We are so close to a two we can taste it

A one all over again

We never have to go down that lonely path

Of six, seven, eight

Then we never reach a nine or a ten

When we change our thoughts

We change our actions

Even if we are having a tough day

it doesn't have to be impossible

We hit a few bumps in the road of life

As we practice this simple technique

The more we experience one, two's and three's

The more we expect and crave to do it again

It makes us happy

it brings a smile to our face without trying

When we have little pitfalls

We know from experience they won't last

We have had a lifetime of success

Doing what we do best

Living life and loving each day

From beginning to end

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