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Change The Mode


I am requesting my god

To change the mode

Only you know the code

How to change it my lord

Please do change the mode of my life

Cut all the fake bonds with a knife

Untie all the knots of my illusions

So that I can get clear vision

Now I do not want to wait

For people who never regret

Just wipe out all those memories

I cannot live with the debris

Give me the light of knowledge

I will always acknowledge

I will never ask for any treasure

But remove all the social pressure

I just want to listen to my inner voice

Because it is your voice

I want to follow that sound

I am not ready to obey the crowd

I want to be me

Please be kind to set me free

Set me free to follow my heart

And run my life’s cart

Keep me away from all evil

Let me know the magic you reveal

I do not want to blame them

For whom life of others is a game

I cannot change them

But give me the strength to bear them

I want to get rid of them

And light the candle of divine flame

My lord, make me so humble

But never allow anyone to crumble

I cannot define the word success

I don’t even know how to access

But give me all that money can’t buy

Which will make standard of my life high

Please grant me one more wish

To never become selfish.


© 2020 thoughtsprocess

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