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Change Keeps Happening Like It Or Not

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Take A Deep Breath

Change has never been easy for me

No matter how many people say it is good

Even after I see the good

I am left with doubt

I am sure it started when I was young

Unable to control the circumstances

One time ended with a bad outcome

Repeated over time reinforced that negative feeling

Instead of seeing all the positive that has come out of the bad

You keep repeating an old cycle

Live and learn

Some fifty years later still learning

So as change takes place in my life

I will try to embrace it

It is not easy

I will take small steps

They will add up to big steps over time

Results are hidden behind all the mystery

Take a look

Take another look

I still don't see it

It is not there yet

Be patient

I will check again tomorrow


© 2022 DREAM ON

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