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Chances To Changes—Poem

Take chances to bring new changes to your life

Take chances to bring new changes to your life

Don't Miss the 'Chance'

This poem is in response to the word prompt, ‘Chance’ by dear friend and fellow writer, Brenda.
It makes me very happy to see, that Brenda is slowly, but surely recovering, and moving on in life.
I wish her all the very best, and may she continue to inspire us, with her writing and weekly word prompts.

Word Prompt: Chance

I have read all the wonderful responses by fellow writers, regarding this new word prompt, and my thoughts are almost the same, about this word.

In the following set of poems, I have tried to highlight the ‘thoughts’, which usually emerge, and keep on doing the rounds, if I have to take a ‘Chance.’

Honestly, I have some apprehensions, before taking a chance.

I have the habit to think, counter think, and counter-counter think, before taking that ‘Chance.’
But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t take chances.
As they say, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And, even if you don’t win, you definitely learn something worthwhile.

Chances To Changes— Poem

It will happen,

Most likely, it will happen,

No, it won't happen,

It's possible,

Very unlikely, that It's possible,

No, possibly it won't happen,

Are you certain about it,

Honestly, not very certain,

No, I am quite uncertain,

Will I succeed, at all,

Will I fail, completely,

Would it be possible for me,

Why not take a 'Chance,'

Why not go for it,

Why not believe in yourself!

Don’t miss that ‘Chance’

Don’t miss that ‘Chance’

Acrostic Poem on ‘Chance’

Chances are opportunities,

Have confidence and trust,

Always believe in yourself,

Never let inhibitions stop you,

Concentrate and take risks,

Enjoy the outcome, even if you don't succeed.

© 2022 Chitrangada Sharan