Championship RHYMES

Updated on January 9, 2018

There are two pains in life. There is the pain of discipline and the pain of disappointment. If you can handle the pain of discipline then you'll never have to deal with the one of disappointment

— Nick Saban


Alabama Crimson Tide
Georgia Bull Dogs
Head Coach Nick Saban
Head Coach Kirby Smart


There's never been a CFL playoff.
With two conference teams squaring off.
The Bulldogs are eager to start the game.
The crimson tide is looking to change.
To change what happened in 2017.
They are eager to be redeemed.
The SEC showdown.
Is set to start in the beautiful town.
The beautiful Atlanta.
In Mercedes-Benz stadium.
Kickoff starts at 8:15.
ESPN will be televising.
Cris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit.
Report the game play by play.
President Trump arrives.
He but he stands inside.
With the military guards.
Then comes out before the anthem.
Former bulldog Hershal Walker.
Praises Donald Trump after.
Walker delivered a brief message.
With the game beginning in seconds.

1st Quarter

The crimson tide wins the toss.
But decides to kick it off.
The Bulldogs failed to strike.
Alabama shows it will be a long night.
They get the ball.
They push the ball.
Up into field goal range.
But the kicker kicks it away.
Bulldogs get the ball back.
They find a working attack.
They throw the ball more.
Seems to be what they're looking for.
But they are still forced to punt it.
The get one first down possession.
The dogs stay positive.
Despite the quarter ending scoreless.

2nd Quarter

With a scoreless first quarter.
The dogs aim to do better.
The crimson tide as well.
Both come out stronger but one prevails.
The dogs start off running.
But they still end up kicking.
But this time, it's a field goal.
The dogs seem to be in control.
They kick off to Alabama.
But you notice the shift in momentum.
They force a three-and-out.
Their running game begins to sprout.
It seemed non-existent.
The shift has awakened.
Awaken the beast within them.
They regain more momentum.
When they extend the lead.
They control the game as they lead.
Meanwhile, Nick Saban.
Realizes that something.
Something has to change.
Despite the scoring, he makes the change.
But at this point, it's too late.
The dogs took advantage of the mistakes.
They wore down Alabama.
At halftime, the game looks over.

3rd Quarter

Nick Saban makes a change.
Some didn't agree with the change.
He switched the quarterbacks.
But they seemed to still look off track.
They punted their first possession.
But Saban stuck with his decision.
The next, it pays off.
That new QB goes off.
He gets the offense started.
Gets completion after completion.
Then throws for a touchdown.
Rolling the tide back around.
But the dogs respond.
The tide momentum isn't gone.
The tide strikes back.
They end the fourth with a final attack.

4th Quarter

That attack at the end of the third.
Officially made the tables turn.
They kicked a small field goal.
The dogs lose more control.
It's a one score game now.
Dogs fans try to figure how.
How it even happened.
Seems like Saban did some magic.
Despite still being on top.
They try finding ways to stop.
To stop the tide from coming back.
Thinking of ways to get them off track.
But nothing they try is working.
The tide ends up tying.
Tying up the score.
Pressuring the dogs even more.
The dogs still don't respond.
With the game even they move on.


The dog's fans hope they get back.
Get back on the winning track.
Things look to be still off.
When they lose the toss.
But they differ again.
The dogs have a chance to win.
They get it and drive the ball.
Getting in a range that is small.
Small for their kicker.
They are forced to move backward.
But their kicker has a strong leg.
His kick puts Georgia ahead.
They prepare for a final stand.
Alabama drives in position.
In position to even it up.
But the dogs decide that it's enough.
They sack the QB.
Now they focus on scoring.
The tide QB pulls the miraculous.
Throws a touchdown pass to win it.


QB Tua Tagovailoa (21)
QB Jake Fromm (7)
Andy Papanastos (8)
Rodrigo Blanksmenship (11)

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    © 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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