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Challenges Like a Mountain to Climb

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Life's challenges, those times of striving so hard, help to make us,

As we are knocked down, we get back up, and will never break us.

Ask the Einsteins, great composers, scientists, and the inventors,

None ever gave up, but tried, even more, all became our mentors.

If you were to study each one's life, would be such surprise to find,

The hardships faced by the successful, in so many ways may bind.

The great strength of determination makes grand their presentation,

The factor of challenges given, make strong hearts, a peace of mind.


Bring on those disparaging moments, give it your best shot,

Taking the bull by the horns, your courage does mean a lot.

Never give in, lie down in defeat, stand to hold your ground,

Be the courageous example for us all, then make a rebound.

Climb every mountain, its summit breach, to reach for the stars,

Complete every day, and then to say, I've escaped those bars.

Take each bad predicament, by the collar, iron out all the facts,

Fill every glass to its brim, satisfying questions, fill all the cracks.


Every new day, tomorrows as well, daunting tasks to confront,

Score a winning run without a big hit, it only might take a bunt.

Lose each hard-fought event as a pro, start over as a beginner.

Run races like the handicapped, in being there makes a winner.

When giving a speech is like sudden death, focus only on facts,

Your message then is all that counts, its confidence surely backs.

As leader of a class, when intentions fail, ask for help if you can,

Group participation, what it's all about, aids in making it so grand.


We each were given courageous hearts, held deep within our soul,

Our creator made us all succeed, and in serving others as our role.

The greedy, self-serving in society all to lose, of its final revelation,

An exclamation point follows every punishment, as its punctuation.