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Chain of Activities

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


For some people life becomes a monotonous thing and they do not have any alternatives also. They go through a chain of activities daily in the same fashion. I have tried to depict this situation through this simple poem. Some readers might also find some hilarious reflections in this composition which is not unintentional.


Chain of activities

It is wake up call for Yoga,
Time is six in the morning.
Followed by meditation,
No time for chit - chat sharing.

I have to walk now for at least,
a two thousand gallops.
Without which my doctor says,
No use of taking tablets.

I come back in time for,
White of only one egg take,
Spread on my plate like
The delicate princely cake.

I have to do some odd jobs,
And she hands me my lunch.
I proceed to my work place,
With usual ambitious hunch.

I am entitled to one tea,
That also sugar free.
I have to wait till two,
Then open my lunch decree.

At four after siesta,
I get my sugar free coffee.
I start winding up,
To return to home fluffy.

As I reached my house,
She comes out with force.
Gives me a mechanical hug,
Without any remorse.

Now time to watch news,
See those repeated views.
Then go to my desktop,
To write some creative soap.

Dinner is ready at nine,
There is no oil or wine.
Gulping down the healthy food,
I try to control my mood.

I have to see my snail mail,
Which has no start and no tail.
Now it is time to go to bed,
Some prayers are to be said.

What I only remember,
And have an inner murmur.
It is wake up call for Yoga,
Time is six in the morning.


Life is like that. Some people are tied to their routine firmly due to various compulsions whether they like it or not. There life is like machine, disciplined and fixed. There is no time for subtle sentiments there. Whatever there is - only a chain of routine activities.

© 2020 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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