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Ceremony Officer and Gesture: A Poem

Halley is a teacher who loves to write and always wants to learn. through this writing to be better and provide benefits in information.

officer flag raisers

officer flag raisers

The Beauty of Hiking Flag.

Unite hearts together every step of the way.

Looking at each other waited for a cue.

Who first stepped, who first moved.

All equally complement each other.

One two continues to be the sound of every step.

One two continues to be the sound of each hand swing.

Strengthen the footing according to the count.

Clenching grip for grip.

Looked straight ahead. One or two started walking.
All will look to find the wrong.

All will look to find a gap.

All will view as participants who become loyal audiences.

See the beauty of their moves and steps.

The officer raises the flag in the Ceremony.

Officer Flag Raisers

Poetry Messages

Flag ceremonies are an important event for most countries. The ceremony becomes a sign and a way to commemorate past events. At the moment, the current flag is a sign and symbol of the people's struggle with the same understanding.

Flag ceremonies are also conducted for many reasons, whether to be a way of commemorating the country to gain independence or to be reminded of an independent nation with a flag raised on a pole.

Officers carrying flags become important figures in ceremonial activities. The officers are required to focus in carrying out their duties, because in ceremonial activities, there are often standard rules that should not be wrong for the ceremony activities to run seriously. For those of you who have never done so or become part of flag ceremony activities. Through this article you will know the early part of the activity that is. Exercise ceremony officer flag raisers. May you accept by giving a smile and like what I write. thanks.

flags and officers

flags and officers

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro

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