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Cerasela Dancing, A Fantasy Poem

Chris has written poetry for 28 years though he focuses on short fiction. But watch out for the occasional twisted nursery rhyme.


Author's Note

My writing format of choice is short short fiction, also known as flash fiction. This little story is very short fantasy fiction dressed up as a poem. Someone more familiar with poetry might describe it in other terms. I could have expanded it into a story, but I like the terse nature of the piece as it stands. I hope you enjoy it.

Cerasela Dancing

A Pyrrhic serpent spied from a craggy mount,

The young queen Cerasela dancing.

She danced throughout the kingdom,

Blessing beast, fairy, and human.

The serpent's eyes glowed green.

He vowed to end Cera's goodness,

Hounded her dancing steps,

Visited each blessed subject,

Showered them with his fiery curse.


Cera knew naught

About the charred remains in her wake.

Each village celebrated her visit,

But mourned the devastation that followed.

Cera touched, healed, and gave hope

Through the magic of the dance.

Serpent fire consumed every blessing

Along with those who were blessed.

Scorched pixie wings overtook Cera,

And delivered the horrific news.

In the realm where giants ruled

With magnanimous virtue,

Cerasela smashed the serpent’s head

With the heel of her dancing shoe.


© 2020 Chris Mills