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Celebrate HER - International Women's Day

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Ram Di Mitr means the lover of the creator. In the love of the creator and the creation, I share simple humble wisdoms experienced.

Keep walking girl, you are amazing.

Keep walking girl, you are amazing.

Shine Bright like a Diamond Girl

Women rising against all odds

A century that marks and respects her presence

What a wonderful time to live in

As I celebrate me in her

The vessel given to me

To carry a torch for many before me

Blessed I am to ever see

A generation that celebrates her and her mother

I wake up to this beautiful time in centuries

Where I am able to celebrate her

With no guilt, no shame, no limitations

Proud I am to be in a vessel of her

She went through trials and tribulations

She was reduced to a piece of sand

She was beaten, abused and simply reduced

For many feared the power in her

She carried scars of past

Unconsciously she blames

Many before her did not survive

Many died in the name of shame

Quietly in the corner of any space

Silently she prays

For there to come a century

Where her daughters will not be a prey

She is the sunlight and the moonlight

She takes the heat without a feat

She reflects and still takes the guilt

A bruised soul continues to heal

What a day to celebrate

What a time in centuries

For as long as I remember

This day took forever

I sense true happiness in the air

For every woman that have bear

So much hope for her existence

Truly won in her persistence