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I'm currently into poetry and would like to give it a try! Please tell me if you have any suggestions. I hope you like it!


Questions, that cannot be answered.

A life, beautiful and pure

What has that life done to you?

Cruel, vicious and mean

You have killed, are you not satisfied?

They have become petrified

Thus, they run to the arms, to the warmth of heaven

“Oh Mary, save us from hell!”

With only the tick and tock of the clock

Positive or negative, it tells

You have killed again, are you not satisfied?

Sticks have dried and you’re still alive?

The one holding life has worn out

Dusk till dawn they keep going on

Millions have walk pass through that door

They were welcomed with white walls

Drench with cold sweat, as they sit on that chair

Thinking “what would be the next?” and yet

You have killed again and again yet your still not satisfied?

Can you take responsibility for the ceaseless threats?

That you possess, you have gone further from the rest.

As the sun rises from the east

It’s a brand-new day, a day for countless deaths

© 2020 Nafisa

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