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Casting the Role of the Next Hitchcock Blonde

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Beauty in all forms shows up on the big screen

In some cases, film directors had a type of actress they favored

In some form or another they tended to choose ladies with similar features

For Alfred Hitchcock, he liked blondes for more than ascetic reasons

They were a contrast between beauty and clear innocence

Morality in the sense of great and present danger

Joan Fontaine as she wondered about her husband in Suspicion

Picture this concept and take notes when watching his films

A stunning vision with the long and structured flaxen hair

Kept perfectly coifed and was well maintained by a stylist

Who knew how to tease and blow dry it to perfection

Of course, they should do so because they're paid to

Keep actresses looking their best as they make their way

Onto the big screen in an Alfred Hitchcock picture

The legendary director always had a preference for blondes

Their cool features and appearance gave them a glamorous

And a sometimes sinister feel that lurked underneath

In the case of Janet Leigh in Psycho and Tippi Hedren in Marnie

Women who stole for various reasons, whether trauma or need

Sometimes it led to devastation consequences for their characters

Such as an infamous shower scene and Norman Bates to be specific

Various leading ladies tended to romance Cary Grant at one point or another

Grace Kelly did it, and so did Ingrid Bergman

None did that on Mt. Rushmore for North by Northwest like Eva Marie Saint did

His Hitchcock Blondes were the epitome of style and had wardrobes to match

His movies were built around a carefully constructed images

That equally matched each of their stories

Sometimes, Hitchcock's need for his blondes got him into some trouble

During the making of The Birds, he developed an obsession with Hedren

That went unrequited on her part, but he got her back in an intense movie scene

Used real live birds to attack her multiple takes

Ordeal left her bruised and emotionally battered

Not battered enough to not work with him again, did that again a year later

Became known as the "Master of Suspense" for good reason

Knew how to terrify audiences and made his actresses sell the fear

Made Grace Kelly an icon with To Catch a Thief as she flirted her way

Around the Riviera with Cary Grant in toe

Also able to showcase that blondes were more than party girls

They had substance to go along with the style

That's all any blonde, brunette or redhead wanted out of life.

Hitchcock is on the hunt for the next blonde thing.

Hitchcock is on the hunt for the next blonde thing.

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