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Cask of Good Luck

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


Who does not want to have a happy, prosperous, and contented life? Everyone yeans for it but everyone is not so lucky to achieve such things in one's life. Many people are attracted to short cuts for making themselves lucky but that does not work as so far there has not been any magic potion for fulfilling that great common human aspiration. I have tried to present a small poetic story to illustrate this point in our lives.

Cask of good luck

The fortune teller smiled,
You do not have much luck.
The only solution is,
To find the cask of good luck.

I was amused, perplexed,
Where could I find the cask.
You have to search it,
But it is not an easy task.

Give me some clues,
O! Fortune teller.
You have to search it,
In a dark underground cellar.

I know the place, I cried,
It is the wine storage.
But how to find one,
In that stacked maze.

It is easy my friend,
Check in the back of the stack.
There will be a cask,
Empty, unused, having a crack.

I was happy and overjoyed,
Thanked the fortune teller.
Now I was in a hurry,
To visit the wine cellar.

I reached the place,
Took the stairs down.
It was damp and cool,
But walls dirty and brown.

At the end of the passage,
I entered the cellar hall.
The attendant was sitting there,
Waiting for any order call.

He stood up to greet me,
Waited for me to speak.
I told him about the cask,
He said take it please.

I asked its price,
He declined any money.
It is a junk piece, Sir,
He uttered politely.

I hugged the cask in my arms,
Feeling like an achiever.
I must keep it with me,
I will be now a winner.

Life remained same,
And nothing good came.
I was much puzzled,
Doubting the fortune teller's fame.

I met him again,
Complaining about the cask.
He smiled and said,
You have not completed the task.

You have to fill this cask,
With your aspirations and hard works.
You have to fill this cask,
With your patience and sincere efforts.

Go on and on filling it,
Till it gets full up to the top.
Then only good luck will come,
Do it my friend, don't stop.


© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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