Cars Rhymes

Updated on October 18, 2017


The Hudson Hornet

LIGHTNING MCQUEEN is in a major race.
In California a the L.A Speedway.
He desperately wants to win it.
He will be the first rookie to do it.
He will also become the face of Dinoco.
So he starts practice as soon as possible.
So he Pushes his big rig MAC.
To drive all night to the track.
While on the way? Lightening's asleep.
But just like him, Mac wants to sleep.
While driving, that is just what he does.
Opening the trailer where Lightening was.
Lightning ended up in a small town.
A town that was very run down.
A town with little population.
Lightning ruined the pavement coming in.
The small accident had him arrested.
He was impounded by rusty MATER.
While in custody, the judge ordered.
Ordered that Lightening hit the road.
but before it, he had to fix the road.
He tried repaving the road quickly.
So it ended up being shotty.
He was told to do it again.
During that time he befriends.
He befriends several other cars.
and finds that the town was where all cars.
Came through on route 66.
But with interstate, for they bypass it.
Lightning also discovers.
That Doc Hudson is just undercover.
Lightning finished the road.
He could leave but he chose.
He chose to stay one extra day.
But Mac and the media were on the way.
Sally was kind of confused.
because where they were no one knew.
No one but them. She tried figuring it out.
Turns out that Doc revealed the whereabouts.
Lightning made it to the L.A Speedway.
Before it started his mind was far away.
He started off being in the last place.
but saw Doc and his friends and picked up the pace.
Hudson was immediately recognized.
As one of the greats the world thought had died.

Owen Wilson
Lightning McQueen
John Ratzenburger
Bonnie Hunt
Larry the Cable Guy
Paul Newman
Doc Hudson/Hudson Hornet

Cars 2

World Grand Prix

After 4 Piston cups, McQueen is relaxed.
He visits Radiator Springs and sits back.
Where Fransico Bernoulli approaches him.
and guarantees that he can beat him.
Challenging McQueen to a showdown.
McQueen's pride wouldn't let him back down.
So he quickly prepared to go.
He and his friends went to Tokyo.
Were out there searching.
They met with Rod Redline.
To receive info about a mastermind.
While Redline supplied the information.
He was attacked by ZUNDAPP's henchmen.
But before he was captured.
He gave the answer to Mater.
Matar was being chased by the henchmen.
but escaped with the help of Holly and Finn.
But soon abducted by Finn and boards a plane.
Where he reveals Zundapp's game.
They land in Paris. Where Mater gets more information.
He then goes to Italy. Infiltrating criminals in a meeting.
He hears that they plan on killing.
Killing McQueen. He blows his cover.
Resulting in him being captured.
In London, he's tied to a tower.
Even up there he discovers.
That a bomb was planted in his pits.
And they plan to detonate it.
Mater then broke free.
But the truth he did not see.
Finn and Holly did.
When they escaped they revealed what it is.
Mater races on the track.
While McQueen is on his back.
Finn Apprehends Zundapp.
While Mater reveals who is behind this trap.
The mastermind wanted McQueen to fall.
MILES AXELROD was behind it all.

Owen Wilson
Lightning McQueen
Larry the cable guy
Micheal Caine
Emily Mortimer
Thomas Kretschmann
Professor Zundapp
Eddie Izzard
Miles Axelrod

Cars 3


It's the last race of the season.
McQueen is faced with a decision.
Because of rookie Jackson Storm.
A rookie that clearly belongs.
He belongs to a new generation.
That is using the latest.
The latest technology.
These things are what the sponsors seek.
So the veterans are fired.
McQueen hopes they just retire.
The fatal crash he suffers at the end.
Confirms that it is time to begin.
Four months later, in radiator springs.
Mcqueen is there recovering
Recovering from the fatal crash
As he watches footage from his past.
Watching footage of the late Doc Hudson.
While his girl confronts him about retiring.
Later, he finds that Rusteeze was sold.
To a guy named STERLING that called him old.
Sterling thought McQueen could no longer race.
Sterling was willing and ready to take.
Take him off the track circuit.
He wanted McQueen to bring in endorsements.
McQueen presented him with a deal.
Sterling accepts it but under one condition.
Sterling had to choose the trainer.
So he went to the center and got her.
CRUZ RAMIREZ wanted to be a racer.
but settled for a job at the new center.
Now training one of the legends.
A dream come true, she was very excited.
Meanwhile, Jack Storm comes is breaking records.
McQueen sees and says that HE NEEDS A TRAINER.
So he calls mater and gets good advice.
Mater informs him of a trainer that is offsite.
Smokey. Doc Hudson's old friend.
Mcqueen and Cruz go to the land.
Thomasville GA, where Smokey revealed.
How Hudson training McQueen made him feel.

Owen Wilson
Lightning McQueen
Cristela Alonzo
Cruz Ramirez
Nathan Fillian

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