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Carried by a Whirlwind

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

She loves to read

Different kinds of books

And recently she has

Gotten herself involved

With some books of

“Spiritisms” as it is

Called by the people

Who introduced her to it

She has gathered many

Of the books and

Started studying them

Devoted her time to it

She would be alone

Without interacting with anyone

Alone in her room

With those kinds of book,

Practicing the contents there

When she used to

Do this, she used

To notice some strange

Breeze blew into her

Apartment and wherever she

Is reading and meditating

On those spiritual books

As made further progress

Into the spiritism levels

So many strange things

She used to notice

She was however not

Determined to back out

For she is an

Inquisitive type and wants

To know what would

Be the outcome of

Those levels and phases

She’s being introduced to

In the books. An

Unforgettable incident happened to

Her when she got

To a certain stage

While doing her meditation

At the time which

She should be doing it

The wind started like

A gentle breeze as

It used to happen before

But suddenly it changed

To a powerful and strong wind

The wind surrounded her

And without much ado

She was carried away

By the whirlwind

Because she hardly interacts

With people lately no one

Cares for her, neither

Asks about her

For they did not

Know anything has happened

To her. Where they

Live each person

Manages his or her

Affairs no one interferes

In someone else’s activities

In the neighborhood

Thus, no one knows

She has been taken

Off by the whirlwind.

To the unknown land

Even if they know

How would they have

Helped her, because whirlwind

Is not like terrorists

Neither like kidnappers nor

Armed robbers that they

Could go to the

Police post to report

That she is missing

So that they could

Mount up search for

Her retrieval.


In the meanwhile the

Whirlwind that took her

Away took her to

A strange land

An unknown place, very

Strange from where she

Has been, neither where

She has read things about

After long traveling in

The wind, she was

Dropped at a place

Among the thickets in the bush

The time she was

Dropped there could not

Be stated specifically, but

From what she noticed

The sun was about

To set, thus she

Presume the time would

Be around 6:00 pm that day

She could not immediately

Gather herself together where

She was to know what

She would do about her plight

Because the traveling seems

To have been for

Days among the whirlwind

Or there about she presumed

She stayed where she

Was, for from the

Ancient mythological stories that

She used to hear

She used to hear

About powerful people of

Old that they would

Be carried away like that

By whirlwind and would

Be dropped somewhere where

Some spirits would appear

To them and started

Instructing them on what

They are at the place

For and what they

Would be doing among

The people when they

Eventually leave the place

In short, those people

Who were being carried

Away by whirlwind according

To the stories that

She has heard, these

Are outside the books

She used to hear

Her grandparents speak about

Such things when they

Were alive.

That those people would

Become empowered by those

Spirits before they leave

The wilderness.

They would hear many

Secrets about humans, and

They would be given keys

That unlock so many things

In the world such that

When they returned among

Their people they would

Become a completely different person

They would command authorities

Would become respected by

All and sundry in the

Society and they are

Usually the right hand

Man, of the kings and

Queens in the land

People from distant places

According to her grandparents

Utterances would also go

To those people to

Learn from them and drink


Indeed happened to her

This is not what she

Thought would happen. This

She did not bargain for

Then she started thinking

What would she do?

She has not seen

Traces of people where she was

For the past 48 hours

That she has been there

Coincidentally, she also did

Not see any dangerous animals

It is now that she

Starts thinking that she

Needs to act on her

Situation she needs to move

This is when she

Knows what happened to

Her could not be equaled

With what has been happening

To the people of ancient

Days, what she has sought

For through the books

Has not landed her at her desired place.

She braced herself, having

Become weak, because she

Has not been able to

Eat anything for the past 72 hours

She walked ahead a bit

And discovered a tree

With a fruit on it

The fruit does not resemble

The kind of fruits

She was familiar with

In her country, she plucked

The fruit, to take a bite

As it is said when

What one is eaten is finished

What one is not eaten

Would be shifted to.

After taken a bite, it

Tastes good, and has water

Then she waited a while

Maybe it would be poisonous

Or not so that if it is

Then she would gently die

Where she was. But

For about 30 minutes

That she has waited

There she discovered no

Strange movement in her

Bowels which suggests to her

That the fruit wasn’t

Poisonous. Thence she plucks

More and rapidly ate them.

After eaten them. She

Has new vigor to

Forge ahead in her walk

She started walking after

Walking for about three hours

She assumed she started seeing

Activities suggesting that people lived

Nigh by. On further walk she

Discovered the stream where people

Have come to fetch water.

Their complexions were different from hers,

Nonetheless she knows that they are nay animals

She walks to them and initiate discussions with them

But alas, they could not hear her, neither

Could she hear them. They started

Talking through signals and that was how

She was led into the middle of the town

Where they took her to the leaderships of the land

They initiated discussion with her, but none.

Through signals they started talking. They

Clothed her, provided for her accommodation.

A stranger whose complexion is like this woman also visited the

Village. And they brought them together

Though their languages were different, but he

Was able to come in between them. And was able

To take the woman away from the village to the town

From where he finds those who understands her language

Through this she was able to locate her country

Again. And by the time she returns to her country and

Town she discovered that she has been missing for 10 years.

She narrated her ordeal to people and counseled them

On being too secretive about what they

Are doing for life is not a straightforward thing.

The people continue to learn from her

As she carved a new path among the society.

From their cistern of

Knowledge and power. They

Are usually saviors to the

Community where they live

They serve as walls

To them, shielding them

From dangers during the

Day and by night

They would become the

People’s shadows from pestilences

And diseases that may

Want to enter the town.

On another note, when

Those people are grieved

They within fractions of

Seconds could turn

The entire country to

Ashes by their power

And authority, by what

They would say and command

To happen, thus people

Fear them gravely. They

Could neither be moved

To nor be far from

Especially the crème-de-la-crème

In the society. This

Was what was running

Through her mind among

The thicket where she

Has found herself, she

Was expecting powerful spirit

To come to her

Come and address her

Come and interact with

Her and give her

Power which he would

Be using to save humanity

From dangers, hazards, pestilences

Among other things. Her

People have suffered for long

They have been without

Savior after the demise

Of the Senior one as

He was called then

He was the most

Powerful one that lived

The last existing powerful

One in their town before

His death and since

The time he has died

None has risen like

Him in his lineage

All those who have risen

They were all liars

They have all been

Duping people. All they

Do is mount of the

Successes of their fore parents

To address issues, but

Not as if they actually

Possessed powers like their

Fore parents. People hardly go

To them again, because

They have known that

They are bunch of

Liars riding on the

Glories of their fore parents.

This runs through her mind

Thence, she waited there

Waiting for the spiritual beings

Arrival to show her the

Way and instruct her the more

On what she should do

How she should be going

About things. But she

Waited in this position for about

Two days, gathering from

The daybreak but nothing

Happened. Then she knew

That something strange has


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