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The Capability to Change the World


We each may change the thinking,

And the bad attitude of the many.

All of the positives, then to be found,

In this greatest land of the plenty.

Creating a very good environment,

and of this, it is meant to be shared.

An excellent sign we've left behind,

Showing that we all have so cared.

No more polluting of clear streams,

And of the most precious blue seas.

Purest air that we must each breathe,

Brightest sunlit skies for all to please.

No wanton waste of oil and by-products,

Spreading of so many foul pesticides.

Saving the plankton, vibrant coral reefs,

Where each ocean creature so abides.


Like all of the good perceptions,

The well-accepted of those best.

A decent caring of our earth counts,

As we are everyone so blessed.

We should show our appreciation,

Being good stewards, everyone.

Preserve our planet for our children,

Each to see what we've all done.

We all have this just commitment,

And it is the least that we may do.

Why the head Architect in Heaven,

For was in His plans He so drew.

This world was meant to be forever,

And is ours to accept and to agree.

Each plant and the smallest creature,

All the great ones we all may see.


A peace of mind we may experience,

And in knowing we have succeeded.

Leaving a healthy earth, of basic laws,

And never to have been so impeded.

The greedy filled with strongest desire,

Must not covet what's meant for us all.

This life was so deemed to be shared,

That each might have and to stand tall.

Innocent ones, those who must accept,

All presented, What is to be declared.

Each deserves the very best of chances,

To make the most of their lives as shared.

Now's the time that we must stand up,

And then say..."Enough we have born!"

Then in prayers to say thanks to our God,

As all evil on this earth, He does scorn.


© 2018 whonunuwho