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Can't Sleep at Night Poem

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Cant sleep at night

Can’t sleep at night
Can’t quiet my mind
Can’t even get a wink
Morning dawns and I just get started
Nothing meaningful
Nothing with a point
Just anything I can get my hands on
A song blaring
As I game
Watching some random nonsense
All because
I Can’t quiet my mind
No matter how much I try
So instead I gotta drown it out
Doing three things at once
Because it’s the only thing that stifles the voices
The screaming nagging insecurities
Telling me that I aint even me
That I don’t matter
Not to any single being
Not even me
So I crank the song till I feel my ears will bleed
Dive into the game till the joysticks got my thumbs in agony
Pick some nonsense video that infuriates me
Takes all my effort and all my energy just for a little relief
Aint ever tellin no one cause I don’t expect belief
And when its not the voices its the pain
The unrelenting
Head splitting misery
That comes with every migraine
And the feeling of uselessness when they finally pass
So much I want to do in my life
If I can only quiet my mind
Get some work done
And finally
For the love of God get some sleep
But what’s it even matter
When every time
I feel my will splinter and shatter
So here it goes
Another attempt
To quiet my mind and get some sleep
I would say wish me luck
But I’m all out of belief
Or any measure of hope
For relief

© 2022 David

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