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Can't Sleep Tonight

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This Is Really Rare For Me

To bed a little after midnight

My left shoulder has been giving me a lot of pain

I am a on my stomach sleeper

With my arms over my head

After an hour

I feel uncomfortable

I turn to my back

But that never lasts

Our cat Charlotte climbs in our bed

She comes up on my left side

I pat her for awhile

She drifts off

I am restless and have to move again

She gets aggravated and hopes off the bed

Why wife says try some Aleve

After refusing because I don't want to get in the habit

I break down and take two

My wife says they aren't habit forming

I have tried putting some pain relieving creme

That helps for awhile

It is tough when you have something that bothers you

Your focus is on sleep and only sleep

I get up and try to write

Hoping to take my mind off of it

Soon I want to hop back into bed

Snuggle right up against my wife

I ate a tasty yogurt and drank a glass of milk

The time is 2:16 and this is an early night for me

On a work night I am in bed four and sometimes five the latest

I get to revue my day

Spending time with my wife

Is always the high point

She had a doctors visit

A check up after she had pneumonia last week

She is feeling so much better

She caught it just in time

The medicine she took did the trick

She finished the z pack

She hasn't been coughing lately

This time is extra special

Because for so many years we both never had a problem

We ran a few errands and mostly window shopped

At home we had a tremendous amount of rain

We have had an ant problem I am trying to correct

I put a gel in the house

i sprayed all around the foundation

To keep all insects out

I have done it in the past

This year I didn't get around to it

Now we pay the price

I am hopeful this will all end well

After downing my last gulp of milk

The yogurt went down smooth

I am going to give bed another try

For all those who are sleeping soundly

Keep up the great work

For those who want to go to sleep

May your eyes close softly and your body lay still

I can't wait to paint the little zzzzzz after your picture

Off to dream land

Sleep oh precious sleep

I do dream of only thee

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