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Can’t Deny No More


I need the warmth of your touch tonight

I long for your arms to embrace me so tight

I ache for your breathe to touch and excite

How soon that will happen, your love feels so right...

My love it is you that I crave as I lay

It sends me the chills to dream as I wait

I imagine you together with me

I tremble, my eyes closed, you touching me.

Your touch I feel tracing my skin

I know it is you, my dear, my heart’s whim

Do you feel the desire, can you feel oh the thrill

I wonder, what surprise, I dont know how I feel...

As our eyes meet, I felt the desire

To feel, to touch, to show what was wired

We restrain, we pull back, we know to hold back

Afraid to combust, and fuel the fire?

Can’t bear anymore, we want to explore

Just one touch and we knew we wanted much more.

How do we stop, how to ignore

This love, can’t deny, can’t fight it no more...

© 2018 Liz Mistica