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Canine Humor: The Dog in a Basket Poem

Mark Tulin is a baseball fan from Philadelphia, PA. He has four books of poetry and one short story collection, available on Amazon.


The Challenges of Being a Dog in a Basket

I love looking at dogs in bicycle or motorcycle baskets. They are so adorable, going along for a ride with their owner, strapped into the basket like a little package, enjoying the fresh air and the thrill and adventure of not knowing where they're going.

But when the bike stops and there is no movement or owner, the dog looks so bewildered and vulnerable. It is then that people want to take pictures or come closer. The dog is thus met with a challenge. Do I act friendly and possibly risk annoying my owner? Or do I hold firm, practice good owner-canine loyalty and bark at approaching strangers?

I'm afraid that these are the things that I think about between moments when I'm writing poetry and gazing out into the wilderness of life.

The Dog in a Basket Poem

The dog in a motorcycle basket

repeats to himself,

“I must be with my owner

wherever she goes.

I can never be left at home by myself

under any circumstances.

I will wait for her patiently

however long she takes

and will not talk to strangers

no matter if they lure me with treats.”

As the dog waits for his owner

outside the bookstore she often frequents,

he notices a throng of people who gather,

treacherously smiling, poking at him

with smelly finger pads and hairy forearms.

“How cute you are, little doggie,” they say.

“What a pretty little face,”

and they attempt to pet his fluffy coat

and tickle his warm underbelly.

The dog becomes furious,

barks and bares his pointed teeth,

makes like a pit or a mastiff and growls

“Back off wise guy! Move aside, sister!

Don’t come any closer, kid

or that Milk Bone you’re holding

will be minced meat!”

The dog won’t be fooled or tricked.

His owner will be back soon, he hopes,

and she won’t be happy by the coven of dog lovers

who linger and fawn.

‘Cause he’s a one-woman dog

and a one-woman dog is who he be!

The Dog in the Basket Poem

© 2019 Mark Tulin

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