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Cancer Poem, 2015

Sickness consumes my very being as naturally as the Universe expands.

You devour me like a lion feasting on its prey from within.

My weakness takes me close to death.

Screams of agony echo through my very soul and pierce my mind, scarring it with cinders from Hell.

Your reek of an otherworldly stench.

You are something no one wants to touch.

Wild animals vomit at the mere taste of your presence within their food.

You bring forth the taste of bile in everyone’s mouth at the mere mention of your existence.

You are a vile abomination destroying everything you touch.

My illness weakens me like a helpless child only to feed you.

My rage swells like a tide of the sea bounding and waving about my mind.

It thunders louder than a heard of stampeding horses.

You are an embodiment of a demon from the Abyss and you take residence within my body like you own it.

You are a thief of life.

You are a cannibal of flesh.

You are a plague to all mankind.

You grow like a cyst I can only hope to cut out.

You eat my flesh like a hungry hog.


Choke on my flesh and die!

My mind is as an innocent child always asking, “Why?”

Why me?

Why anyone at all?

I was a child, but my strength was as a giant.

You are defeated and thwarted like a dragon by the blade of a holy knight of myth.

You are my enemy evermore, and the world gives you the name, Cancer.

Kevin C. Davison at Wizard World Comic Con Event.

Kevin C. Davison at Wizard World Comic Con Event.

© 2018 Kevin C Davison

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