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Can You or Will You?

She's known to be a nobody. She embraces loneliness. See her notes and you'll know what she felt.

They said " I can't understand your poem" and I said " It is called poem for that reason"

Can you?

I'm falling faster than I had expected

I realized that life can cut you down like you got inspected

Time will come that my friends will go and now my family is far

My life is a mess to clean like a dust in the car.

But as I lay here I look at the sky

And the question in my mind blown by the wind and make me fly.

Can you hold me and never let me go?

No matter what happen, no matter what I do?

Can you smile down on this cracking heart

Can you lend your ears, and hear my mumble that “it hurts”?

And promise to protect this fragile heart from hell.

And protect me from danger like the beast did to belle.

Now I’m here in the middle of your love drowning

All the memories I have my mind is recalling

I’m trying to stop myself not to fall

But I know you’re here every time I call

© 2022 Resamae Santillan