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Can We Rewrite Our Life ?

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To The Life Of Our Dreams

It might be easier than we think

Each day is a series of events

That we can deal with or handle with care

Then again we can create each moment

Dive into each second

Rejoice and celebrate every breath

Doing what we have always loved

Working hard at the things that make us the happiest

Looking past what is in the current moment

To what it can be

Carrying our enthusiasm and spirit

Our drive to succeed

Our pride in our work

These are things other people don't have or care about

They are the nuts and bolts of our life

They make us or break us

For me, it comes easy

Dedicated to whatever I am doing at that time

Giving it my all

Not cutting corners or finding a way out

Doing the opposite

Getting totally immersed

Some say I get carried away

Other people are always looking for their best benefit

What they can get out of it

Not what they can give

The rewards come later

Sometimes sooner sometimes it takes a while

I have never been in a hurry

Slow and steady

Doing it right was always my deepest concern

People will take advantage of our best asset

Use it for their benefit

This is where people can take advantage of our kindness

Our good nature

Sometimes we give too much

There is no need to change

I think other people give too little

They are the ones who are losing out

I have never been a quitter

I am more of a dreamer

I can't wait to see what the future will bring

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