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Jesus, Can I Talk to You for a Minute?

Donna is a lifelong poet and writer, she shares her love of God, and in helping others draw from His strength to get past life's struggles.

Jesus, Can I Talk to You For a Minute?

My precious Jesus! Can I talk to you for a minute?
Wait! Where are you going? It'll only take one second…I promise
What is this that you are carrying, and may I help you carry that?
It looks heavy, and you're not looking so good, what did they do to you?
She runs to catch up to him to get a closer look as tears fill her eyes

Jesus struggles as he tells her that he's on his way to deliver the gift
But you're hurt, what gift is so important that you can't stop for rest?
Jesus keeps walking towards his final goal which is Golgotha
His time has come in obedience to His Father in heaven

Where are you going and what has happened to you?
Jesus just keeps walking, struggling with all his might as he whispers
"The gift, I must keep going, I must deliver this gift for all mankind"
Wait…what? For mankind? A gift for me? But... I...

What Do You Mean the Gift?

Tears start flowing down her cheeks, she's amazed at his beauty within
You're doing this for me? How can this be so for I am not worthy?
But why? I don't understand Jesus... why?

But Shouldn't I Be the One to Lay Gifts at Your Feet?

Jesus, I don’t understand, I love you endlessly... Jesus... please
I should be the one giving you many gifts and laying them at your feet!
What does all this mean, she cries now more than ever? What is this gift?
I don’t deserve this! She's weeping from the depths of her heart
She runs next to him and keeps asking him why
She wants to take the weight off his bruised and tattered shoulders and carry that tree

Let me carry it for you...he says… "no…no…no…. my child"
"I do this for you my child so all the world can be saved that believe..."
Look at me, please turn and look at me …. Jesus! Jesus! They'll kill you!

He keeps walking carrying the weight of his cross...

He finally arrives at the place of a skull upon Golgotha
She can't believe her eyes as the romans throw Jesus around with little care
Jesus willingly lays upon the tree... knowing what is about to be done
Now he is thinking of you and me... my precious Jesus

As they slowly nail his hands and feet violently full of rage….
Jesus does not say a word, nor does he yell in pain
He waits for the finished work at the cross...


The Roman soldiers pull the cross up and it thumps violently into the hole...
She looks up as Jesus is hanging on a tree…
The sunshine glares in her eyes she weeps and weeps
She sees the silhouette of this man…Jesus... Oh... Jesus... I love you

She can’t bear to look yet she cannot bear… not…to…

She gets closer and as she looks up... he says….

IT IS FINISHED: and he bowed his head and gave up the Ghost

Suddenly, the earth quaked, it shook to and fro
The skies were darkened then came the lightning and thunder
The seas raged, and the ocean roared
The veil was ripped from the top to the bottom
Never had anyone experienced this on the entire earth before
My Saviour is Dead!!! She was in shock and full of sorrow



She couldn’t believe her eyes for he died on that tree

For me? she cried and cried and cried…

And prayed, “Father, I am not worthy, yet you gave your life for me”

She was so sad and then she felt a whispering wind engulf her being

A comfort, a Light in the dark her soul engulfed in light, she felt loved

He lives... the Saviour lives! He rose again and lives
She knew in her heart what THE gift was... it was right in front of her eyes all along
The gift of forgiveness and eternal life with God!
She repented of her sins and welcomed her Saviour into her heart…

The Holy Ghost came upon her on the wings of a dove... he was there, my sweet Jesus!
Into her life HE became her life Her first love
She was set free! All because…

Perfect Love (Mary's Song) with lyrics

John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Thank you, dear Jesus, for saving me and for providing the only way to our Father in heaven…

Thank you for sending the Comforter to help us along the way….

Thank you, Jesus, I love you!

Love, Donna Rayne

© 2020 Donna Rayne

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