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Can I Be Your Juliet?

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Aspiring writer who found the comfort from the cruel world she's living in

Can I be your Juliet?

And I can be your lifetime poet

Giving you rhymes to remember

And words for you to wonder.

Describe you word by word

Compare you to Napoleon’s mighty sword ;

Use the best pen

You encrypt who you are even in a lion’s den.

I could create another world for you

Fantastic or not, anything I’ll do;

Could beat the Neverland of Peter Pan,

Magical as Potter’s wand.

I’ll make everything all right

Could make anything wonderful on your sight

So I smile is what should be

Something seemed to made me.

But because I’m Juliet

You’ve already guessed, I guess ;

Not so long I’ll be gone,

After leaving all the works done.

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