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Can I Be Anything More


I wonder if you feel what I feel
I don’t know how
I wonder if you see what I see
I don’t see how

Maybe you do
I know you want love too
Maybe you feel pain the same as me
Maybe you see the pain inside of me

But that is not why
That is not why we love each other
It’s not to feel sorry for someone’s heart
It’s to see how the past is ready to say I’m sorry

The space I own
And the time I have
It’s all closing in on me
But it’s alright
I can dream it all away
And the miracle is true

You whispered to me finally
It was not what I expected
I could only look up to the ceiling
I begged it to leave us alone
We need to pick our star door
It’s our path to the vow of love
To see forever without limit
Something’s gonna ask us to pray
It’s something greater than us
Because that’s what invented love

Tell me if you feel what I feel
Tell me you want me because I’m real
I can’t be anything more than a human being
I don’t even have to know how to love
Because with you I want to learn how

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