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She is a perfect incarnate of the Egyptian goddess.

Her beautiful smile will charm you

When she glances at your curious face.

Even in the light of the rising sun,

Her heart melts and cools a part of the hot water drops

From the summer rains and the desert dunes.

She tells me, that part of her smile still

Remains hidden inside the unknown land

Of the treasure house.

The place where she gets much love ,

Respect, affection and attention.

That place, where her rose flower

Dedicates it’s scent and attractive nature

To the anchor of her sweet soul.

And she feels the peace that touches her heart.

When it unfolds and the river of love whispers

Softly, and sweetly taking control of the red petal

Rose with raging turbulences

Of unexplained and camouflaged love.

© 2022 Millicent Okello

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