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Calvary/Golgotha - Acrostic2

Donna is a wonderful poetess and writes about her love for the Lord in poems and acrostics. "Let Me Paint You a Picture - A Picture Words"

That Old Rugged Cross

Christ Jesus carried His old, rugged cross

Along the streets of Via Dolorosa

Losing His balance for his strength was gone but he knew:

Victory stood in the distance, the veil would soon be torn

As Simon, the Cyrenian helps Jesus carry that old, rugged cross on the.

Road to Golgotha - known as the place of the skull was not too far off

Yeshua cried unto the Father

God why hast thou forsaken me

Omniscient, Omnipotent, perfect Father of mine

Love me, Father, for I am afraid, it's been 3 days now

Give me thy strength O Lord God, for they laugh me to scorn

Out of my loins, my blood pours out all the way down this old cross

The soldiers, they mock at me, come down and save yourself!

Holy One of Israel - My Father - My King

Accept me now for it is finished for time and all eternity

"Let me paint you a picture - a picture with words"

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of writing poetry!

I praise the Lord for the gift of writing from my heart in hope of touching your hearts and bring the joy of beautiful memories past and future.

And most of all in sharing my love of Christ Jesus with the world- Amen

— Donna Rayne

© 2020 Lillee Rhose

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