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Calling Him to Order #2

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Would do the dame and or sends the written

Letter through someone they know to each end

His cousin’s business center is one of the biggest

Business centers in the island and it is centrally

Located making it easier for them to send messages

To their father where he lives. The alternative and rare

Means of communication is through telephone

Because a neighbor of his has a telephone in his

House, and he could call the neighbor to book

Appointment with his family members, telling

Them to come and wait for him at the place the following

Day. He only can do this, none of his family members can

Do that because his neighbor would not allow

Anyone to call with his phone. Sending money to

His family then was also difficult, because of the

Banking system, thus he cannot send money to

Them, but during the yuletide periods, he will ask

For his first son to come to the place and he would

Give him money to take home. When his son comes

Like this he would return almost immediately because

He would have gotten the money ready before writing

To invite his son to come. The letter would take

About three weeks if not more before they receive

It and then he will leave for the place. But on this day

That the son gets to the place where his father is

To collect the money as usual, rain fell that day and

He could not return to his people at home, thus,

He was forced to sleep over. It was when he was

There that he saw how his cousin was treating his

Father, just like a slake, this displeases him. He left

Early the following day to tell his people what their

Father was passing through where he was, they were sorry

For that and they all cried on hearing the news from their

Their brother and they all started praying that God

Would answer one of them quickly to remove the

Suffering their father was passing through from their

Cousin. But it seems as if their prayers were not

Answered, as the man continued to live there and they

Continued in their position for months. The father called

Again that they come for the monthly money that

He used to give them from his savings and what their

Cousin was given him. This time, the first son was sick

He thence asks that his junior brother goes to the

Place. The second child too could not return immediately

And had to sleep over. It was when they were home that


He sees what their father was going through to save

And raise money for them. As if that was not enough

His wife and children would be addressing their father

Anyhow because he is staying with them. Then

The man arrived late in the night, and he was expecting

That his father would come and open the gate for him

When his children were there and have come of age,

He has security but he ignored all those and would enter

And start shouting on their father why he has not gotten

Of where he was to open the gate for him. When the

Man was trying to explain to him that he is talking with

His son and apart from that he thought that the security

Man would have opened the gate for him because that

Was his duty he would not listen to what he was saying as

He shouted him down even before his son. This grieved the

Son’s heart and he stood to the man to tell him that he

Has gone too far by all his utterances, being rich should not

Make a man stupid he says, you are acting and talking stupidly

If a man has no money that does not mean he does not

Know what is right for him, neither would that change his

Name nor identity. What can happen is when you will

Call the person’s name, you may not call him

“Mr. so and so”, but is not that you will call him someone

Else’s name because he is not rich. This man, our father is

Still the person standing as the overall head of the

Family, he is the occupying the position of your

Parent if you have forgotten and apart from that the

Culture and the religious books suggest in strongest

Terms that people should expect old age, and those who

Have failed to accord due respect to people who are old

God would deal with if not immediately later he said

To him. The man was furious that the son was talking to

Him like that and he told him that tomorrow he should

Leave with his father. The young man said, all well

And good if you ask us to leave your house for telling

You what is right, we shall leave, but we shall not because

You are now rich be afraid of calling spade a spade

That is the worst you can do; you cannot chase us out of the

World and if you send us out of thine house, God would

Get for us a better place, it must mean that I have come

Here today to put an end to my father’s suffering and

Maltreatment in your house, he replied him. He was thinking

The young man would beg him and be afraid but he

Did not beg him and the following day they left his house

It is better one maintains his dignity than ridiculing himself

Before people like this, what God would do, he will

Do and what he will not do, it does not matter where one

Goes, he will not do it. When they returned to their island

They started from the scratch and started building

Up their micro-business again. things though were

Difficult for them, but they have resolved that none of

Would return to the place again, and neither would

Their father return there. A year after this, one of the

Man’s children was employed by the government of

The island, and the person who thought they all would

Come back with their caps in their hands begging him

Never returned there. Since this time, he has not been free

With the family, and he would tell people afterwards

That he is afraid of the man’s children for they are no

Nonsense children.