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Calling Him to Order #1

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He has a cousin who us the

Richest in the family, but he is not

Being spoken well of by people because

Of his stinginess. His father is

Sick and had no money to treat

His father, as the first child of

His parents. This is a recurrent

Pain in his heart, that having come of

Age he could not treat his own parents,

Who has given him and other siblings

The basic things in life, tried on their education

Having raised him up to that age in life,

He would again think that if he is thinking

About his parents what of himself, for he

Has not for once enjoyed life since the time

He has come of age; it has been suffering

Upon suffering, struggling upon struggling,

Yet there are no positive changes in his life

There is nothing positive that neither he

Nor others can point to in his life that is inspiring

And good. It is not as if they are not given it

All it takes but as the adage goes that “water

Exceeds the yam flower”, that is what is happening

To them since the time they have come of age.

He shed tears on thinking about this and says

To himself, people said we should still have hope

Even against hope, thence, I hopefully looks forward

To when things would positively change for me.

And my siblings, this suffering would come to an

End one day. Then he continues to think of what he could

Do about his father’s worsening health condition

When the agonizing pains his father was passing through

Was much because of lack of proper treatment his father

Called all his children and the wife and told them that

He wishes to go to his cousin to get himself treated there

Because he does not want to die in pain. Even if he will

Die, it should not be in severe pains like he is passing

Through at the moment, when he has not been diagnosed as

A cancer patient, even those who have cancers are being

Given drugs that would reduce the severity of the pains

They are passing through. All the children and the wife

After hearing this could not disagree with him and they

To go and do manual labor to raise the money for

His trip to their cousin’s place. Three days after their

Joint labor work. They all contributed their money together

Gave it to their father, who on the following day

Takes off to the far west where his cousin lives to get

Himself treated. After getting there he was taken to


The hospital and was treated but after the treatment,

He would not allow their father to return to his family

Immediately, saying he “sweats for every for every

Penny he makes, and nothing is free”. He needs to

Pay up what he has done for him to save his life and since

He has no money, neither source of income that he could

Rely on to raise the money and pay him back, he says

He can work in his store for months. What can a poor

Person do? He agrees to that at least he has recovered

That was how he started serving the man in one

Of his stores. After fulfilling the months they had agreed

On, and he wants to return to his family, the man talked

To him that since his business has collapsed and has

Become bankrupt, why can’t he work for him for a while

To raise small money for his upkeep and perhaps to

Start his business again on a micro-scale? The man

Thinks about this and decided that it makes sense, it

Is better he stays back and work for him for a while

After all none of his children has a job, all of them

Are doing manual work despite their certificates to

Keep themselves and the family going since they are

Yet living with him in the house he has built

When things were going on well for him. “The manual

Jobs which they were doing,” he reasoned “cannot

Sustain them, and worst of all those jobs are not

Certain, for there have been days when they would go

To where they are being gathered for employment at

The market square expectantly but would

Return disappointingly during the mid-day

With nothing to show for it, as they have not

Seen anyone to employ them. The job he

Wants to be doing with his cousin is secure and

And sure for as long as he wishes to stay with him

Therefore, he decides to stay back. His family

Back home has no telephone, for it was landline that

Was common then, thus, to contact them he would

Have to write letter and post it for that was

One of the chief means of communications those days

And when his family also wants to reach him they