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I'm not Crazy, Just Creatively Insane

Finding my inspiration through the voice of music and poetry. Being creative and finding ways in making life easier and smarter for others.


I've spoken about this with the microwave

Told me, its wave after wave things will simmer down

And start to behave,

Don’t get me started about the toaster

Told me to respect my coffee and use a coaster

I mentioned to the washing machine

She puts a spin on everything

Says a lot of things remain unseen,

All will replenish

Be patient and allow the cycle to finish

The fridge acts all cold and distant

I wouldn’t bother saying anything norh be persistent,

Oh Ruby, my dear friend, gem and soldier,

Between the freezer and I ,

You could feel the tension slice

It never offered to break the ice,

I did however, continue to keep my composure

The freezer then gave me the cold shoulder,

Gosh, you are

Really worse than the toaster

The iron tried to straightened things out

No situation is too pressing ,

As for the vacuum,

It was down right all depressing

Told me to just suck it in,

For nothing you are stressing,

The fan was more optimistic

Said it will all blow over don’t be pessimistic

The toilet seemed flushed and flustered,

When I asked its opinion

Wasn’t in the mood so ignored me,

Not a word uttered

Thought you were my companion

In the end, the curtains,

I thought was forthcoming, but as I came close

Told me to pull myself together.

Shut the front door!

Well, wasn't that a very rude awakening!

What do you think?

© 2020 Mitara N

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