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Call From Above

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


Life is a long journey starting from childhood to old age when one is simply waiting for death to come and take one in its lap for the next journey to the unknown destination known as heavenly abode. This is a short rythmic poem where different phases of life and their relative spans have been presented with poetic ease. Readers might find their reflections here snd there but that is not intended by the author. This is a sequence through which we all go involuntarily.

Call from above

Childhood, the age of innocence,
Full of parental care.
That is the age of freedom,
Nothing to lose, nothing to fear.

Saying good bye to childhood,
And entering the young age.
Feeling of love and desire,
Beginning of a lifelong maze.

It is natural to feel so,
As often young ones aspire.
It is the age of adolescence,
Which actually they acquire.

The longing and the ecstasy,
The separation and the meeting.
The thrill of finding one's love,
Waiting, anxious, and pleading.

Adulthood is a longer phase,
It does not end so easily.
Love may fade, lose its charm,
Young age continues meekly.

Then we enter old age,
Searching for love and care.
This one is quite different,
It is actually to live and share.

The desires convert to affections,
The indulgences vanish in air.
Life becomes more spiritual,
Nothing to gain, nothing to spare.

Waiting for the music of death,
Under the umbrella of love.
That is the end of life,
Is it a call from above?


© 2020 Umesh Chandra Bhatt