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Call to Love

a poem of profound yearning; a call from a lover towards his love..

Hear my words fine young maiden for you captivated my soul

Make a refuge on my heart, on my mind, take it all

Hear my words fine young maiden, to only you I call

Make a slave out of my heart, Heed my desperate call

For I have fought with the tempest with my tempest within

I smiled with the sun that radiates in between

I have seen the light and the drizzle as they fight

Neither has won thus a rainbow in sight

Peculiar indeed, caring and sweet

Thoughtful and jolly, a trait you should keep

Hear my words fine young maiden, for I can only whisper

Hear my words fine young maiden, despite the gap of my endeavor

For now I can only offer my words, my song, my call

But I am oh so willing therefore I took the fall

Bed of rocks or bed of roses, either fate might befall

Yet I am willing, Heed my love, my call.

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