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Caged Infinity


An immortal spoon that holds truth

Feeding me lies is all you do, so smooth

I try to swallow knowledge despite the overlapping ignorance

The edges that cut and destroy any traces left in the distance

I knelt to your motionless ways, despite our difference

You kept trapping me inside your brilliance

I was just another death in the many you had left

Just how many more tries, you immortal lie?

I wanted the clearness of dust

how fast did I trust?

The wasted energy, the most expensive time in my memory

You hated my guts,

that's funny I assume you weakened the enemy

Nay, you turned the rusted mud

that was you, the flower inside the hurried bud

I look away

at my cage

and see myself locked in a box full of man-made tray

I wonder how

I see why now...

You chose me, and my death was the ultimate use for your tao

I'll wait patiently.

Do not ask me to be myself so kindly

I've been tired for years,

I wish I kept something for your dried tears

I keep pushing away the light

Not facing my own might

Hiding behind the same person for ages

Two decades and I'm still inside massive cages.

I'm faded with a twisted color imbalance

I like seeing more wonder

Maybe that's why we fall short on appreciation

We want it so bad but never give it to ourselves

I want to see you so bad,

the logic inside my bed

I never thought I had this big void

I guess the night showed me the weakest light

To my caged self, I bid you well.

© 2018 Leila Abouzaki

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