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Consolations - Poem

Vanita is an engineer-researcher-consultant-artist: a gifted singer-poetess; & writes in English-Hindi-Gujarati on her diverse experiences


“Well, well, dear !!

This world didn’t spare

The divine Sita,

Purity embodied

And the dazzling Draupadi,

Blazing Womanhood,

Who are you and I ? ….”

Thus go consolations,

Sometimes soothing,

While at times piercing

The perpetually bleeding

Sores of Time,

Wailing wordlessly

At stagnated sensitivity

And vicious wiliness,

Regressing Manliness.

- Vanita Thakkar (17-03-2015)

We often hear such gratifications / consolations when there are talks about injustice to women ....

Sometimes, they are also used to caution / discourage a successful lady, steadily progressing on her chosen path, urging her to be "satisfied" with her share of achievements .... The reasons behind such discouragements can be very many that may even be too difficult to decipher immediately, but there is a clear, definite oversight to the sense of duty, commitment or necessity that prompts the lady to work towards perfection / excellence and resulting success ....

The Plight Of Sita .... ".... Prove Yourself ...."


Draupadi's Ordeal .... The Worst Insult Of Womanhood Right In Front Of Elders And Distinguished, Respected Courtiers ....


© 2020 Vanita Thakkar