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I Can't Short-Change Me

A World of Possibilities

Excuse my ungratefulness, though I know, you've opened me up to world of possibilities.

The possibility of regret, of pain and of suffering.

The possibility of a lost voice, of micro- conversing.

The possibility of finally reaching the point of no return.

The possibility of seeing what I want, and never be able to achieve it.

The possibility of knowing how to get it, but gaining nothing from it.

The possibility of nothing being possible.

Please, pardon my naivete that there is absolute truth in the notion that ignorance is bliss,

Because it's possible that there never was

The Possibility that having no knowledge, making you happy, is dismal.

When there is always the possibility that what you are currently thinking, couldn't be more wrong.

The possibility that the nothing you spoke, was all I would get.

The possibility that the assumptions I am making right now, is the only possibility I will ever have.

When did possibilities become so hopeless, when you would feel that the lack of possibilities is the best possibility you could ever have?

Could that be possible?

Chances Are

I did not expect him, and I am not free.

Not free at all, but everyone, including him, wants a chance.

Now I'm not one to take a short cut or make a small detour,

That is just not me.

Because even if I did take a chance and plant a tree

Chances are, it would yield at least one crop.

And even if I happen to use that crop and whip a wild horse,

Chances are, it would come in second place, second place still win prizes.

All I'm saying is, that at the end of it all, the ball still goes into the net,

Be it a brief or an underpants,

So chances are, I might not want to take a chance on him,

because that chance would be on a whim.

Hear me out, chances are, after taking that proverbial chance

I would become a wise fool, or was it, all my foolery would become wise,

And vise versa, I'm not really sure, but....

All I'm trying to say is, since I'm a wise person,

If I took a chance on him, chances are, I would be taking a foolish chance.

So technically, chances are, I would not be a wise person, I would be a fool

Which, you would also be, if you are there thinking I should take this chance

no matter how slim, chances are, you are related to him.

Admittedly, If I, at some point become free, and he still wants me

and I, sitting there, consider taking a chance on him

Well, chances are, I still wouldn't take that chance, because, lets face it,

For him to still be free, means no one else wanted to take a chance on him,

And who wants someone, in this day and age, who is just going around taking chances.

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