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Bye Bye Day

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What Can I Say

A day doesn't change it's hours

Our attitude changes our desires

We get up and move

Planning on things we have to do

Then we might have an extensive list

Of all the things we want to do

I have never been a clock watcher

I check the time during the day

If I have to be somewhere or get certain things done

Then besides that I let the hours pass

I make a small list to help me stay focused

I add to the list when I think of something new

I draw a line through each of the things I have completed

At the end of the day

I circle the things I didn't have time to complete

Then tomorrow I carry on those things to a new piece of paper

I shoot for 120%

If I finish 80% of my list

I have done 96% of the things on my list

Other people shoot for 80%

Then only do about 70%

If I get only 70% of my list

I accomplish 84%

That's 14% more than the average person

So much more can be accomplished in one day

That is a whole lot more in a year

Good luck on getting everything you want accomplished

Keep positive helps us enjoy our day

Making it fun and a game

Only makes it easier

To do the things you do

At the same time getting more done

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