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By His Stripes


Holy heavenly father, you have sacrificed so much for us being here

You have given us the gift of life and a huge world to care

You gave us everything on the land which we would need to survive

After molding from the Earth and breathing in the breath of life

Lord, make your promise be revealed

For by his stripes I am healed

More than thirty nine stripes, he suffered the most

Yet he could have simply called on the father above or the Holy Ghost.

But he endured the pain and suffering so his people will be healed of their sins

He suffered the stripes, so our diseases will be no more

The Blood of Jesus represents his spirit

Striped from his mangled and weakened body, from head to feet

His pain his sufferings has healed me and has cast away all evil spirit of sickness

As the spirit of Jesus lives within me so does the power of healing

So by his stripes, I am healed, my soul is strong scented of God’s glory

It is not a weakling.

So teach me Lord, teach me to believe in me. Teach me how to command my healing

Teach me to have the strong power of faith to cast away all illness

Teach me to be hopeful and cast away hopelessness.

I can feel his presence within me, strong and real

For I do believe by his stripes we are healed.

© 2021 Clive Williams